The precious “Olio Maruca” originates in Southern Italy, from historical olive trees that every day breathe the sea breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The soil in this area is particularly rich in micro-nutrients because of the favorable microclimate presents locally.

Through the years, the grandparents have conveyed to Barbara and Stefano the whole culture regarding extra virgin olive oil. It is  a valuable asset since the Roman Age that has been respected and preserved over the centuries up to the present day.


The “Olio Maruca” is produced from a single variety of olives, that is the Carolea, it’s a type of olive particularly present in the local territory. It has a strong personality and an intense and fruity taste, closely connected to the land in which it is located.

The microclimate of the area allows to produce a particularly tasty oil with a Calabrian slightly spicy aftertaste.

olio Maruca


At the end of October and beginning of November the olives ripen and the actual harvest get started. According to tradition, the oil production takes place through a cold pressing of olives and without the addition of chemical products.

Only in this way, we can actually maintain the high quality and the flavor of  Olio Maruca.



Our extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality.

Today, its use is considered a mainstay of  the Mediterranean Diet because, thanks to the richness of polyphenols, it is a valuable natural antioxidant.

In fact, it is excellent to use in cooking, even for seasoning raw dishes, but it can also be used for body care.